Explantation concerning the legislation in France

Many of you are wondering about the stay with your Rottweiler in France.
So in France Rottweiler belongs to the 2nd category (also Rottweilers without pedigree) and their owners are obliged to have the "Permis de Detention" with some well-defined conditions by law.

 This law only concerns dogs that live in France and does not concern visiting dogs.   
Here is the table with information for visiting dogs case :
 For more than 20 years we have received a large number of Rottweilers who have come to France for dog shows or on the  vacation.
At the Word Dog Show 2011 and Euro Dog Show 2022 we hosted, among others, many exhibitors from several countries: Italy, Belgie, Lithuania, Serbia, Croatie, Suisse, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Russia, US, UK ... accompanied by their Rottweilers and each of them spent their stay in France without any problem. They just had to show their passport with identification and valid vaccination when crossing the border at the airport. Usully nothing is ask at the europeens land border. 
The muzzle and the leash in the public place are required, but in the show is no requires.
Looking back for 22 years in France, there has never been a case of a dog (and foreign owner) passing through of country being checked by a local authority. 
If not, you would have probably already known everything through social media.

Once again: this difficult law only concerns dogs who live in France.